Sally Maraventano's Quick and Easy Summer Pasta Sauces
$4.99 for 5 Recipes from Sally Maraventano's "Festa del Giardino" (Up to $30 Value)

"Summer brings the best of fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden or local farmer’s market," says Sally Maraventano.  Enjoy these treats by cooking with her easy, delicious summer pasta sauce recipes.

This delectable deal lets you sample recipes from a chef featured on The Food Network, the TODAY Show and The Exchange. 

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  1. Conchiglie ai Broccoli e Pesto - Shell pasta with broccoli and pesto
  2. Linquine fra Diavolo – Spicy shrimp marinara over linguini with fresh basil
  3. Pennette ai Peperoni, Broccoli e Pinoli - Quill pasta with red and yellow peppers, broccoli florets and pine nuts
  4. Rigatoni alla Norma – Rigatoni with fried eggplant, crushed tomatoes, fresh basil and ricotta salata
  5. Bucatini con Zucchine e Cipolle – Bucatini pasta with fried zucchini and onions, fresh basil and freshly grated pecorino Romano cheese

Reviews for Festa del Giardino

"a veritable minestrone of good eating" -Pat Bruno, Food Editor; Fra Noi

"Whenever friends stop by to poke through my cookbook discard pile (for I periodically try to weed out my collection and keep only what I know I will use), they invariably ask if I have a good italian cookbook. What they're looking for are simple, traditional dishes that don't rely on too many exotic Ingredients - meals that are made from scratch, without a lot of fuss. Sally Maraventano's new "Festa dal Giardino" is such a book." - Rosemary Black, Food Editor; New York Daily News

"I love it!" - Maryann Maniscalco, Flushing, NY