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Esteemed culinary masters, including Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Michelin Star Chef Anito Lo, and Madonna's personal chef Mayumi Nishimura, as well as celebrity philanthropists and moms like Sharon Bush, Lauren Bush, Cindi Bigelow, and Abigail Kirsch teamed up with to provide recipes to raise funds for charity.
FEED Hungry Children Support Japan


How does it work?

Every donor of $10 or more receives an exclusive, digital cookbook from an esteemed list of contributors.  

Whose recipes are included? Where are they from?

In our cookbook for Japan, recipes are inspired by Japanese culture and come from culinary icons like Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Madonna's personal macrobiotic chef of 7 years Mayumi Nishimura, Best Selling author Mark Bittman, Michelin Star Chef Anita Lo, and “Breakaway Cook” author Eric Gower. See the full list.

In our cookbook in honor of Mother's Day and feeding school children, recipes are from mom's and chefs like Philanthropist Sharon Bush, Caterer Abigail Kirsch, Entrepreneur Cindi Bigelow, and Chef Sally Maraventano. See the full list.

What is a digital cookbook? What is is the "iTunes for Recipes".  It stores all your recipes digitally for free, including your new cookbook.

With a digital cookbook, you can access your recipes from any computer (and soon from an iPhone, iPad and Android)--saving time and paper.  You can also personalize the recipes by typing your own notes into the recipe, uploading your own photos, and sharing it all with friends. If you are more comfortable, you can also print out the recipes. Just like a print cookbook, a digital cookbook includes recipe photos, ingredients, and directions. Because it is in digital, rather than print, form, this compilation cookbook could quickly be assembled to help support the Red Cross and its relief efforts in Japan and the Pacific.

How does this help charities?

KeepRecipes will donate $0.86 cents for every dollar of revenue generated through the sale of the “KeepRecipes for Recovery” digital cookbooks to charity. All donors will receive a digital cookbook, on a password protected website, within minutes of their donation. Donations are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines. For more information about the charities, please visit, and


Who made this all happen?

Following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami, New Yorker Phil Michaelson decided take action."I wanted to bring the restaurant and food publishing industries together to help affected people in Japan," explained Phil Michaelson, CEO of  "The reception was overwhelming and I am honored to be able to continue to offer one-of-a-kind recipe collections in support of charities.  I'm now very exciting to be helping Sharon Bush to raise funds in honor of Mother's Day." Important help has also come from:

RESTAURANTS: Jeffrey Fellows (Annisa, NYC), Christine Cole (BONDST, NYC)

TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS:  Rackspace® Hosting (Texas), Shopify (Canada), SailThru(NYC)

FOOD STYLISTS: Dyne Benner, Eric Jacobson, Matthew Klein

FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  Momoko Yamada, Anne Onoue

KEEPRECIPES TEAM:  Stephanie Sawchenko, Klaas Van Waesberghe

TEDDY SHARE: Sharon Bush

 AMERICAN RED CROSS: Kristen Duncan (American Red Cross in Greater New York)


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